Declan Evans

Declan is a Senior Consultant in our Corporate Affairs team, working with a range of clients in the manufacturing, technology and property sectors.

With a degree in Mass Communications from Curtin University, Declan brings a passion for writing and communicating through a wide variety of mediums, with a keen interest in writing strategic communications within a crisis space.

Declan has experience in marketing and sales, and after spending time living overseas, found a love for collaborating with a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds.

Out of the office, Declan spends his spare time playing and watching a variety of sports, searching high and low for new music, and exploring the globe.


Paris 2024: Let the AI Games begin 

We are six months away from the opening of the Paris Olympics, where the advancements of artificial intelligence will play a major role in transforming the spectator experience, enhancing athlete performance, and revolutionising event logistics.