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Bunbury Energy

The community wants access to accurate information

shapeCannings Purple Bunbury Energy case study

Building a social licence is the price of exploration

Bunbury Energy is an Australian-owned and operated oil and gas exploration company working to contribute to future energy self-sufficiency for WA’s South West region. But with a shift in the public’s demand to know more about onshore oil and gas exploration, it needed to develop its social licence.

shapeCannings Purple Bunbury Energy case study

What was our challenge

In recent years, the community in the South West has signalled that when it comes to onshore oil and gas exploration, it wants greater access to knowledge and facts.

Junior explorer Bunbury Energy recognised this need, and reflecting the shift, the State Government signalled that all future exploration permits would require the proponent to demonstrate an ability to build a social licence in the locations they were seeking to explore.

Cannings Purple was challenged to design a social licence strategy for Bunbury Energy that would be measured by effective relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders including the community and regulator.


shapeCannings Purple Bunbury Energy case study

Our approach

Cannings Purple’s solution sought to establish the company’s corporate reputation within the community and engage with stakeholders in order to shape the detailed planning of non-invasive seismic studies.

While the company’s exploration does not involve hydraulic fracturing, online campaigning against fracking meant it was important to clarify the processes that would be used. This needed to take place across a number of communication channels and an ongoing presence to establish relationships.

Importantly, Bunbury Energy needed a track record of reliability in order to lead the discussion on the proposal.

Through extensive analysis and after learning the depth and multitude of interests at play, Cannings Purple helped Bunbury Energy share clear and contemporary information with stakeholders. We captured learnings and the experience of community members and helped the company continue to refine its communication with the community.

shapeCannings Purple Bunbury Energy case study

Our results

An investment in community engagement pays dividends.

Bunbury Energy was able to establish direct relationships across the relevant stakeholder groups and these continue to be fostered. Innovative online engagement techniques were also deployed, including a social media and digital content engagement strategy.
Bunbury Energy has now been granted an exploration permit and the company is preparing for further investment in the region, including detailed design of the initial phase of exploration.

Bunbury Energy developed the stakeholder relationships it needed to be granted the exploration permits it required.


Keys to success


Multiple rounds of stakeholder engagement


We reaffirmed Bunbury Energy's role in the South West.

Factual information

We supported the sharing of factual, independent information

Key Team

Michael Cairnduff

Michael Cairnduff

Director, Government Relations

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Adam Elovalis

Adam Elovalis

Art Director

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“Cannings Purple not only has skills and abilities in community engagement, but also strengths in regulatory and political engagement making it a one stop shop for any strategic engagement programme. The team is not only well-versed in the oil and gas industry – they are ethical and socially responsible. These are key attributes for all of our partners.”

Wal Muir, Bunbury Energy Advisor

Cannings Purple Bunbury Energy case study

Branding and Logo Development

Cannings Purple assisted in the creation of branding, style guide and associated brand collateral.

Cannings Purple Bunbury Energy case study


As part of the branding process, a website was written, designed and implemented.