Communication is the key to successful change management

Most organisational change projects fail, not through poor strategy or lack of talent, but because of poor communication. 65% of senior leaders believe communicating clearly and frequently is the most important aspect of leading through change. So having a change strategy in place, designed by corporate and executive change management experts, is key to successfully instigating genuine and meaningful change in an organisation.

The Cannings Purple change model

At Cannings Purple we use a proven model to inform our change management communications strategies. Through effective stakeholder mapping, network analysis, relationship management and campaign design, we help clients successfully navigate the hurdles of change management to make lasting change.

Use experts for effective change management

We have qualified IAP2 (International Association of Public Participation) practitioners on staff, and two licensed ExperienceChange™ facilitators leading clients through the strategic and practical considerations of communicating through a change process.

Change management strategy and support

Change is hard.

And one of the ways to get better at successfully managing change is to be exposed to it regularly.

Cannings Purple has managed and driven change management communications strategies for more than 15 years, with specific experience in property, education, resources, energy, and health and aged care.

Clients benefit from our change experts’ experience of leading teams through periods of change and disruption and learn how to engage with their stakeholders to effectively instigate their change projects.

Experiential training: learning through doing

ExperienceChange™ is an expert-guided workshop which helps leadership teams to understand the successful change models. Developed over two decades, it combines proven approaches with hands-on practice in an engaging, low-risk, high-impact online experience.

As an established and trusted change management consultancy, Cannings Purple delivers these proven experiential change management programs in Perth, Brisbane, and across Australia.


Tap into our extensive expertise

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