The world is crowded and noisy, which makes getting attention a challenge. One-size-fits-all communications solutions – or the absence of a plan – is likely to leave your message unable to cut through where it needs to.

Don’t leave it to chance. Cannings Purple’s team of experienced experts are influential in the market and in the media. We partner with clients to create bespoke communications plans and communications frameworks, and provide strategic advice to ensure key messages are heard by the right people.

Our team of communications specialists have successfully worked with all levels of government, managed stakeholder engagement on complex and high-impact projects, and helped businesses achieve growth and influence.

Aim at the target

Communications strategies are ineffective when organisations don’t know the target audience.

Cannings Purple will work with your business to establish where your message needs to go and identify the most effective way to make it stick, whether its through stakeholder engagement, investor relations, crisis communications or content strategy.

Starting with media strategy sessions and discovery workshops, we establish the drivers and motivations behind your objectives, allowing our in-house communications experts to put your project on the path to success.

Plotting a course

Without a plan, a communications goal is little more than a wish.

Once we’ve established the destination, Cannings Purple’s team will provide the independent strategic advice necessary to shape the narrative to ensure maximum cut-through.

Cannings Purple’s hallmarks are its perceptive strategies to reach a desired audience, industry insights built on years of experience, and an unrivalled drive for excellence.

Our strategic approach to professional communications has worked for clients in areas as diverse as property and construction, education, mining and resources, health and aged care, government agencies and tourism.


We know all the tools and we’re not afraid to use them.

Cannings Purple has delivered content in every style and provided communications through every medium for every audience:

  • Websites and content hubs that showcase an organisation’s expertise
  • Media releases and social media content plans to tell a story
  • Article pitches to mass media and trade publications
  • C-suite presentation materials, board papers and executive-level speeches
  • Award entries, newsletters, flyers, client databases

We’ve hosted and partnered with organisations to present webinars and podcasts, designed interactive digital applications and created eye-catching videos.

Cannings Purple understands the media and we will help navigate confronting scenarios when you need to defend your brand. Our team is ready to react and support your team with Situation Room training, preparation and 24/7 crisis response.


Tap into our extensive expertise

Cannings Purple is a full-service PR and communications agency, and we’re great problem solvers. Browse our knowledge and skills about how we help your voice to be heard.

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