Presentation, media and practical on-camera training is an essential part of building the public-facing capacity of established and emerging CEOs, directors and executive leaders. Traditionally, this would have been solely to engage in public speaking at conferences, stakeholder events and with journalists.

But given the explosion in video as the number one communications tool in recent years, appearing confident, calm and engaging, both on and off camera, is increasingly vital. Company-wide emails do not cut it anymore. Leaders need to look and feel confident on camera to deliver authentic messages in the most engaging of ways.

Cannings Purple has trained CEOs, directors, government spokespeople and senior executives of public and private companies. This training has helped them engage with the media, but also advanced their communications abilities, helping them choose the appropriate language when communicating with stakeholders and clients.

Each presentation and media training program is interactive and tailored to your particular needs, sector or experience, with relevant case studies and practical scenarios presented appropriate to your individual scope.

Communications approach

A basic company presentation can become good, and a good presentation great, through:

  • Preparation;
  • Presentation; and
  • Performance.

An executive presentation is often the first experience stakeholders have of an organisation, but just as important are the repeat presentations to remind your stakeholders of the company’s value and significance.

A face-to-face or virtual interaction can be an incredibly powerful way to communicate your organisation’s key messages, whether it is the CEO presenting to the board or company executives presenting important changes to personnel.

Executive training structure

In the presentation and media training workshop, hosted by one of our in-house experts, you will learn the tools and techniques required to deliver a successful presentation; from putting yourself in the shoes of the audience; to improving your body language to deliver an effective and engaging speech.

This training course will also take you through the necessary steps for writing a speech including structure, engagement and technique, as well as the dos and don’ts of delivery.

Our tailored training module for executives, which incorporates decades of presentation and media training experience across the Cannings Purple team, will take 3 to 4 hours and can accommodate up to 4 executives at a time (single participant course duration approximately 3 hours).

The session includes a customised course and presentation by our experienced trainers, scenario preparation and practical on-camera interviews and reviews.

Cannings Purple has an in-house production studio, specially built to accommodate presentation and media training sessions. For added realism we use a camera operator to film the one-on-one interviews.

Beneficial communications outcomes

Presentation readiness – executives will learn the tools and techniques to deliver a successful presentation to internal or external stakeholders;

Refer-ability factor – make your story interesting and inject life into your key messages to help increase your share of voice; use linking and bridging strategies to introduce your messages;

Confidence – gain confidence in communicating to large audiences and in difficult media interviews;

Practical knowledge – our analysis of ‘real-life’ delivery based on sector-relevant scenarios will give executives a deeper understanding of how to present to a range of stakeholders and the media;

Media understanding – understand traditional news and social media and build the skills to engage with journalists and other audiences, either in support of positive initiatives or to deal with an issue; and

Media readiness – executives will be prepared to deal with any media situation, and communicate their side of the story to take control of the situation for the benefit of the organisation.


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