As organisations face new challenges, commence new projects or undergo changes to their internal resourcing capacity, sometimes external support is insufficient to meet the needs and demands of your team.

Cannings Purple offers clients in-house support options and secondments. Whether you need someone for a day a week or five days, for a short-term busy period or long-term project, we have the flexibility to bolster your internal capacity. Our Consultants, Associate Directors and senior team members are available meaning you can access resources at the seniority most suited to your unique needs.

Rate options for secondments

Although Cannings Purple prices all our communications consultancy services on value pricing, rather than hourly rates, for in-house roles and secondments we find day rates or week rates allow us to provide support for intensive projects with a flexible scope.

Normally calculated based on volume, we present fair and reasonable pricing that represents value for money when accessing our broad resources to support your internal team.

Project engagement

Where you have a specific project with known outcomes and a defined scope, we can develop a tailored engagement to help you reach your goals. A resourcing plan for a discreet project gives you the opportunity to access a mixture of in-house and external support, with the flexibility to benefiting from a range of expertise from our team members.

A communications strategy workshop can also be included in the scope of the engagement, or completed separately, to help develop the resourcing plan which best suits the needs of your team and your project.

Flexibility and scalability

As a leading communications agency, we offer you the flexibility and scalability of a resourcing pool which can easily be accessed at any time. Whatever unexpected challenges, or planned projects come your way, our team will be ready to step in and pick-up whatever is required to help support you.

Integrating with new teams

We are comfortable and familiar with working closely with clients, but we also integrate well into existing teams. All our staff can become quickly familiar with new systems, processes and platforms that are required to support your team.

We have previously provided in-house support to a range of clients, including Georgiou, Murdoch University, Silver Chain and Shell. Our team adapts to working in unique industries and become familiar with the technical language relevant to your project.

Knowing our staff can seamlessly start adding value to your internal team will give you the confidence we can support you through whatever challenges you face.


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