Your organisation can’t work at its best unless your team understands what you need them to do — but too often internal communications is an afterthought.  Whether you are trying to galvanise change or looking to harness staff advocacy, you need an internal communications plan that delivers.

Our expert team of corporate communications specialists will help you develop your corporate internal communications strategy and the tactics needed to support implementation.

Online, offline or app?

More than ever, leaders need to communicate with their teams on multiple channels, combining in-person meetings or townhalls with online collateral, intranet development, Microsoft Teams chats or similar social work channels and other tools. We help you audit your channels and map the gaps, then provide the advice and support needed to ensure you are using the best method

Change communications services

Our internal communications experts can work with your leadership team on organisational change projects, above or below the line. If you need confidential or white-labelled support, we have significant experience in change communication and crisis communication, and can be seconded to work in-house, on a project basis, or on a retainer to assist with longer-term strategies.


Tap into our extensive expertise

Cannings Purple is a full-service PR and communications agency, and we’re great problem solvers. Browse our knowledge and skills about how we help your voice to be heard.

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