Cultivating a corporate brand takes years but reputations can be destroyed in moments.

When the reputation of your corporate brand is under threat, Cannings Purple is standing by to work alongside you to identify risk areas that need special attention, minimise damage in the event of a crisis, and help drive a recovery.

Don’t risk your corporate brand reputation

The dangers posed by a brand crisis are ever present and the best defence against threats to an organisation’s corporate reputation is preparation.

Cannings Purple works with business leaders to proactively prepare a defence against possible online and reputation disasters by identifying the risks and planning the communications response in advance.

Crises come in many forms. A social media crisis, a data breach, death or injury to employees all require tailored strategies to protect corporate reputations.

Cannings Purple develop crisis communications collateral, work with you to identify the likelihood of a brand reputation threat and prepare a solid defence against the severity of impact.

Review your reputation crisis management plan

It used to be a crisis management plan was an annual task. 20 years ago, we would have recommended a company respond to an issue within 24 hours. These days, it’s more like 20 minutes. There is no such thing as a set-and-forget strategy when it comes to managing your brand. Approaching issues with a flexible mindset is important. And that approach can be trained and practiced.

Technology is playing an increasing role in risk management and what may seem reasonable now might not seem reasonable in the near future.

An established plan is a good start but a conversation with the Cannings Purple team is worthwhile to ensure your corporate reputation management plan is as secure as possible.

Cannings Purple offers crisis training using bespoke products such as Situation Room, which exposes your team to fast-moving crisis scenarios, as well as media training if required.

A prepared team will be a confident team in the face of a major issue.

Defending your corporate reputation

If a reputation crisis does emerge, it’s important to have the trusted support and experience to help navigate it effectively. Cannings Purple’s crisis management experts have that understanding and are available to clients with 24-hour support and response.

But acting isn’t enough. Being seen to act can play a huge part in the perception of crisis management. In short, an organisation managing a crisis must be seen to do so. In the absence of fast and effective communications, clients, consumers and stakeholders will assume the worst.

Time is critical to limiting damage to a company’s brand during a crisis and without advice from experienced crisis management professionals, an already fragile situation could be made worse.

Cannings Purple will support your engagement with media, authorities, those affected and the broader community. In the aftermath, we implement a reputation recovery strategy to rebuild trust and relationships.


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