When a corporate crisis strikes, business leaders must act quickly and put the company’s crisis communications plan in motion to effectively manage issues.

Reacting under the intense pressure of a crisis that is threatening the reputation of a brand is difficult enough even when there is a prepared response plan. But forming an effective crisis management plan while an issue is ongoing is impossible.

If a crisis is about to break, or issues are already starting to spill over, it is vital organisations can act quickly. Cannings Purple’s expertise in issues management and communications can help you if you are unprepared, but better still, we can help you prepare effectively in the first place.

React quickly to brand crisis events

Sitting back and hoping problems become public is a risky strategy, and one which in the digital and social era, does not work. Corporate leaders must act decisively to minimise any damage.

Cannings Purple’s on-call communications crisis team will help determine questions that need to be quickly addressed. We will; support your engagement with media, authorities, those affected and the broader community.

Crises affect your people too

There’s a lot think about in a crisis. And although it’s important to engage externally, it’s surprising how often our internal teams get left out of the information flow.

Like others stakeholders in the business, they need to know what’s happening if the brand is threatened. Without information during a corporate crisis scenario, staff will often assume the worst, leaving them misinformed and losing confidence in the business.

Cannings Purple will work with your business to map out stakeholders and shape public messaging to reduce the severity of fallout from a corporate crisis.

Performing in a crisis takes its toll, but companies that prepare, train and learn before an issue hits respond more effectively, save money and protect their brand.

Lessons from corporate issues management

A business’s ability to adapt and learn from a disaster comes down to its leadership.

If senior leaders discuss issues openly, accept fault and communicates lessons from the management of a corporate crisis, it filters throughout the business. Employees will feel empowered to prevent similar issues as well.

Cannings Purple will work alongside your business to implement a reputation recovery strategy to rebuild trust and relationships.

A crisis may be an opportunity to ensure your company is better prepared for future corporate issues, which Cannings Purple can provide through its suit of training modules.


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