Digital Basecamp: AI and Machine Learning

Part one of the training relates to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

You should research how AI and machine learning is impacting, or could impact, professional communications. You will then need to write a ~600-word article using your research in Microsoft Word.

This work will ultimately inform an article which you will be publishing on the web. You should therefore consider what your title might be, which copyright-free images or self-generated infographics you might use, any words users might expect to see in an article of this type, and how you might adopt an SEO-friendly structure. (Hint: there are thousands of online introductory guides to SEO, and your Cannings Purple Hubspot account includes access to a huge resource of training materials on topics like SEO, so you could start there…?)

Once you have your article written, just paste your One Drive link below. When complete, you’ll receive your next email with instructions for the next part of the program. I think this first task will take no more than a couple of hours.

Thanks and good luck