Digital Basecamp: Website

A client’s website is the only real digital asset they own themselves, and sits at the centre of any communications activity, as our Digital Marketing wheel demonstrates:

By getting users to visit a client website, we have more oversight of their behaviour and intentions, more control of what they look at, and a better chance of cross-promoting content or accessing their email address, which makes follow-up communications easier.

There are many different platforms on which a website can be built; the most used and most famous is probably WordPress, but each one requires its own knowledge and experience to build and develop.

That said, when it comes to the publishing of content and articles (as opposed to the actual development of the site), there are similarities between all the major platforms – they all include things like page titles, descriptions, alt-text in images, standard formatting etc. which contribute to SEO.

For this part of the training, we’ve set you up with your own personal page on a private, password-protected Squarespace site.

You can access the site here

Just navigate to your page, and upload your article, embed your video, and structure your content in a way which makes sense for the reader.

Finally, optimise the on-page SEO by updating page titles, alt-tags, meta descriptions etc. This helps your page be found by search engines, and a basic understanding of what should be done is useful. Steps 3-6 in this article may help:

And that’s it!

This task should take about half an hour.

Good luck