At Cannings Purple, we start and shape conversations that matter – and ESG is perhaps the conversation that matters most in business today. The trustworthiness of your company has never been more important in a world demanding proof that your business practices are caring for people and planet.

Shareholders and stakeholders today expect your environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies and practices to be ambitious, transparent and credible.

By honing your great ESG stories, we build the authority and credibility of your company’s voice on the ESG issues important to you and your target audience.

How do we tell your ESG story?

Our expertise stretches across corporate communications, investor relations, government relations, stakeholder engagement, digital marketing and design. This integrated approach ensures we can identify and interpret your important ESG messages through our ESG audits. Then we find the right mediums to deliver it, to the right people.

Our content teams create, polish and launch your stunning sustainability or ESG report. We manage ESG projects to relieve your overstretched marketing and communications teams and chart new strategic directions with our ESG communications audits. Meanwhile our corporate communications and media trainers polish your presentation skills to deliver your ESG wins.

We can start you down the ESG road or deeply embed the process

Whether you’re on the first steps of your ESG journey or seeking to embed ESG into everything you do and say about yourselves internally and to others, Cannings Purple have the expertise to help.

Vanessa Gould

Associate Director

Renee Wilkinson

Renée Wilkinson

Director, Stakeholder Engagement


Isaac Stewart

Associate Director


Maddi Murray

Design Consultant