Style guides, or brand guidelines, consolidate and clarify an organisation’s visual brand identity. They offer a codified guide to using a brand, its logo, brand marks and icons.

At Cannings Purple, we think of style guides as rulebooks which cover how organisations presents themselves to the world; by following a style guide, an organisation creates consistency, builds recognition and ultimately, engenders trust in its stakeholders.

Brand guidelines and style guides are essential in any modern brand, and take the work done in your brand strategy and logo design, but adds context and substance with the rules around practical applications.

Language and tone

For many brands, language choice and tone-of-voice in written communications play an important part of a brand archetype and strategy. Defining and collating a list of approved terms, formats, conventions and examples of writing style will help you communicate consistently to your audience. Sometimes called style manuals, we are adept at creating the right words for the right effect.


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