As a social media design agency in Perth, Cannings Purple develops social media strategy and design collateral to support social media campaigns and activity.

Our social media design work is built to reflect and support branding and style guides, bringing communication collateral into the social age.

Social media sits at the heart of audience communication. With the average user spending almost 12 hours a week scrolling just their Facebook feeds, capturing attention and engagement is critical for an organisation to have their messaging land successfully. Without successful social media design at the heart of your social strategy, opportunities are missed and stakeholder relationships are weakened.

How we do social media design and branding

Cannings Purple was one of the first strategic communications businesses to introduce dedicated design specialists to support more traditional PR messaging and communications. That experience ensures clients access the methods and tactics which effectively deliver engagement on social media.

Clients’ social media campaigns are designed to be on-brand, on-point and to deliver engagement results.

From social media profile branding, to the development of social templates that make posting simple and efficient, our designers are well-versed in the technical requirements of each social media platform, and in the design requirements to increase engagement.


Tap into our extensive expertise

Cannings Purple is a full-service PR and communications agency, and we’re great problem solvers. Browse our knowledge and skills about how we help your voice to be heard.

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