Reporting season is busy and complicated enough. Compiling the information, data, infographics and images from across your entire business is a tough and time-consuming job. Investors, potential investors and the media expect a well put-together report with professionally written copy and a strong emphasis on branding and design. It is no longer good enough to just present the information in a PDF.

Much like your website, your quarterly and annual reports set the tone for your business. They act as a front door to your company for many existing and potential investors and are the first source of truth a journalist will look to while conducting research on your story.

Listed company annual reports are large projects with short turnaround times. Cannings Purple understands this and has, over many years, perfected a proprietary process for the management of these documents, The compiling of annual reports requires nimble, agile project management skills, an experienced team of writers, and a team of dedicated designers. The nature of the data means there are often last-minute and urgent changes, and there is value in having the full process managed by one team.

Whether you need a sounding board for ideas, help with editing copy, or full-service cover-to-cover annual and quarterly report writing, we have the resources to project manage, write, design and produce outstanding annual reports that you will be proud to present to your board and shareholders.

Chairman’s letter

As the first engagement with shareholders, the chairman’s letter has to address the year gone in a tone that is considerate and warm, and that puts the business’ best foot forward.

This is much easier to do if you have hit all of your guidance targets, raised the share price significantly or paid out a generous dividend. But what happens if the year didn’t go to plan?

Our dedicated team of professional writers will make sure your chairman’s letter addresses your financial year with the business’ strengths and successes at the forefront, while addressing more difficult topics delicately.

Annual, half-year and quarterly report writing

Like the chairman’s letter, copy in the annual report should be reader-friendly. Detailed technical and financial reports should, where possible, be distilled into plain English to ensure that your company is seen by investors as being open and transparent, not hiding behind technical jargon.

We have trained business journalists and analysts with more than 20 years’ experience who can work with you to write your financial and exploration reports, all the way through to your community health and safety, and ESG reports.

Designing your traditional and digital annual reports

Your annual report is perhaps the largest and most public document you will produce for the year. Anyone who has an interest in your business will read it. Producing a professional, on-brand report is more important today than ever. Every year at Cannings Purple we delight our clients with thoughtful, elegant design that promotes the image and brand the company is cultivating. We produce front and back covers and design page layouts, including image placement and typeset text, to make sure your annual report is professional, well-designed, on-brand and will delight your board and shareholders.

But a simple pdf document may not be findable online, so we also offer digital annual report solutions, including the creation of executive summary videos and animations, mini-sites and discoverable interactive pdfs.


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