The Bench: Kate Doust

Kate Doust is the first female president of WA’s Legislative Council and has chalked up 18 years as an MP. She's also the daughter of a Goldfields postie, a lover of cinema and maybe not so much of a revhead!

Cannings Purple 6 May 2019
2 mins

An MP for nearly 18 years and the first female president of WA’s Legislative Council, Kate Doust MLC grew up in a different world in the state’s Goldfields.

The Member for South Metropolitan Region joined Cannings Purple’s Peter Klinger on The Bench to discuss the changing nature of politics, the importance of her “neutral” role and whether she and her husband, Minister For Mines and Petroleum Bill Johnston, take Parliament home with them.

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The Coolgardie Kid
Kate Doust discusses her upbringing as a postie’s daughter in the Goldfields, a region that still has a fond place in her heart.

She’s the boss
Kate outlines the challenge of sometimes having to bite her lip during political debate, the need for politicians to represent their electorates with standards and respect and the thousands of visitors WA Parliament receives each year.

Family politics

Given her husband’s status as one of WA Labor’s most senior figures, it’s tempting to suggest politics might be on the agenda at home for Kate Doust – but she (and by extension her children) may beg to differ.

Shazam, renos and Morocco
Kate Doust gives a glimpse into her life away from politics, including her long-time love of movies, holidaying in Europe and Africa and her No. 1 destination in WA.

A 24/7 business
Kate explains how technology has helped transform politics from a nine to five job into something much busier – but she also says increased accessibility can be a positive.

Ross Lyon, V8 Supercars and the media

Kate Doust takes on our infamous Word Association challenge – it’s fair to say she might not be much of a revhead!

Full interview
Why not watch Kate Doust’s interview with Peter Klinger in one take?

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