The Bench: Kyle McGinn

Cannings Purple 1 Apr 2019
2 mins
Member for the Mining and Pastoral Region Kyle McGinn MLC on The Bench.

At the age of only 30, Kyle McGinn MLC has already lived in four states, prepared meals for masses on the oceans, been elected to represent the vast Mining and Pastoral Region and given WA Parliament a splash of colour with his choice of suits.

The former chef-turned-Labor MP sat down with Cannings Purple’s Peter Klinger to talk about his passion for workers’ rights, the biggest issues affecting his electorate and how his political aspirations were shaped in kitchens – both on the mainland and at sea.

Unfiltered, unguarded and sometimes unconventional, The Bench shows WA’s politicians as you’ve never seen them before.

Home of the boxing crocodile

Kyle McGinn talks his early life in Humpty Doo, the challenges of growing up with a father away at sea and why his mother deserves a medal.

A going rate of $5.35 an hour

Kyle outlines his formative days as a young chef and how those kitchen experiences turned him into an advocate for the causes of workers.

‘Riches’ and tragedy on the high seas

Kyle takes us through his life-changing decision to follow his father into a career working on boats and rigs off the Australian coast.

‘Anyone can be a politician in WA’

Kyle McGinn discusses the beauty of democracy, managing his massive electorate, being part of Parliament’s “Department of Youth” and finding common ground with political rivals.

‘A beautiful place where you can do so much’

The man born in Humpty Doo reveals his favourite place in his adopted state of Western Australia and what he gets up to away from the political spotlight.

Rocking the red suit in Parliament

Kyle muses on his contributions to sartorial splendour in WA politics and, more importantly, the work he feels he has done to raise the profile of workers ‘rights.

The big issues…

Kyle McGinn reflects on the links between anti-social behaviour and crime in regional areas and highlights three key topics he believes are critical to a diverse electorate.

‘The Adelaide Crows…and dishwashing’

Kyle McGinn takes on our fast, furious and infamous Word Association Challenge – and reveals a footy alliance that may not be the most popular!

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