Media Understanding

Newspapers, TV, radio, social and digital media. The variety of media platforms which influence perception continues to grow.  Understanding how to leverage them and make them work for you is critical in modern business. Training and preparing in a live-style environment is a priceless experience to ensure you understand how best to present positive news, or manage issues on these exposing platforms..

Cannings Purple’s experienced trainers will help you understand how to (and how not to) engage across the modern media landscape.

Our skills training is delivered by experienced journalists with backgrounds in broadcast, print and social media, and has been used to build the capacity of established and emerging corporate leaders, preparing them for any media situation.

Media Readiness through preparation, presentation and performance.

You and your team will be prepared to deal with any media situation so you can tell your side of the story and take control of the situation.

Media training will assist with the preparation required for high-impact presentation delivery that will grab attention and focus of your key messages.

Cannings Purple’s coaching will provide you with scenario preparation, providing the opportunity to present an on-camera or on-microphone dry-run, and critique your delivery and messaging.

The Media Interview

When the lights are on, making your story and presentation interesting is key to on screen success. But you also need to inject life into your key messages, learning to appear natural and confident on camera.

Cannings Purple’s skilled media trainers will help you to help increase your share of voice; use linking and bridging strategies to introduce your messages, and review how you appear on camera.

Our media training coaches will assist in gaining the confidence to handle all forms of media interviews and presentations.

Practical Knowledge

Cannings Purple’s analysis of ‘real life’ interviews based on tailored scenarios will give you a deeper understanding of how you should present to the media and a range of other stakeholders.

We work with you and your team to develop scenarios relevant to your business or sector. Cannings Purple has an inhouse production studio, specially-built to accommodate media training sessions.

For added realism we use a camera operator to film one-on-one interviews.

What’s your company’s media intelligence quotient?

Do not get caught out not knowing what is being said about your brand, organisation, key people and sector in the media.

Cannings Purple’s media intelligence and monitoring platform, IntelEcho keeps you informed of personalised relevant coverage through an all-in-one daily email.

When engaging with the media it’s vital to stay connected to critical mentions of your keywords on print, broadcast, digital and social channels, as well as tracking sentiment, reach and rivals in optional analytics reports.


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