New Year, New Digital Marketing Trends?

Robyn Poole 1 Feb 2021
3 mins

This year, digital marketing will continue to evolve, and given the rapid onset of new technologies and trends, skilled marketers must prepare for what’s ahead.

Spotlight on privacy

Data privacy isn’t exactly a new trend. Now exposed as fundamental to all too many scandals, privacy and consent has become one of the major issues of the 21st century.

This year, we can expect more regulations on the use of private information, and as a result, it may become more challenging to get audience data.

Transparency is key, so make sure you are communicating with your audience regarding how their data will be used.

Queen of social – short-form videos

As people’s boredom levels rised through COVID-19, so did the popularity of short-form video content. Facebook and Instagram’s video reels feature, as well as TikTok, are now the preferred entertainments platforms for GenZ.

Given the love for all things quick and captivating, digital marketers should be investing time and budgets to short-form video content creation.

Our Digital Content Officer, Robyn Poole has a few short-form video ideas that any business can use. 

Virtual events are here to stay

The pandemic pushed the world into a digital space, and it’s not going anywhere! Virtual events, roadshows, interviews and conferences are here to stay. This new virtual world certainly presented some inconveniences, but there were also many positives!

Marketers were able to engage with a whole new audience, as anyone with an internet connection could join various events around the world.

For example, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cannings Purple worked together with Mineral Recourses to deliver a virtual comedy night series to entertain fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) workers. Cannings Purple utilised the Click Meeting webinar platform to deliver a series of seven comedy nights!

In 2021 and beyond, virtual events will continue to be a popular route to engage with a broad set of customers.

LinkedIn will be even more popular

As remote working became the new normal in 2020, LinkedIn gained popularity. The platform rolled out new features, including live events, stories and polls.

This year, encourage conversation on LinkedIn by utilising some of these new features. Create polls for your followers to vote on, create a live Q&A video and regularly post career news and updates.

Make your content interactive

Provide more value to your audience by making their online experience engaging.

Examples of interactive content includes infographics, surveys, graphs, quizzes, calculators, interactive videos and gifs.

ThredUp’s Fashion Footprint Calculator

Interactivity not only enhances conversions to 40-50%, but people just love to share unique and interactive content pieces.


Digital marketing will continue to change and evolve over the course of 2021, but we know for certain that innovative use of technology will help businesses rise above competitors.

If you would like help preparing your digital strategy for 2021, see what services we offer here at Cannings Purple.

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