Our experts predict the biggest trends of 2020

Cannings Purple experts take a look into the crystal ball and forecast the trends they expect to see emerging in months to come.

Cannings Purple 16 Jan 2020
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Cannings Purple 2020 predictions

As 2020 starts to hit full swing, a panel of Cannings Purple experts have looked into the crystal ball and forecast the trends they expect to see emerging this year.

It’s fair to say that in a “deep fake” era, where trust is a prized commodity and activism looms ever-present, businesses face significant challenges as they strive to engage with their immediate stakeholders and the wider community.

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And if you’re wondering how we fared predicting 2019 – not too badly at all! Design and Digital Director Jamie Wilkinson tipped a cyber attack on Australian public infrastructure or utilities, a prediction that unfortunately played out in October, when rural hospitals in Victoria had to shut down their IT systems – and had to cancel surgeries and appointments – after a ransomware attack.

Meanwhile, Chief Innovation Officer Ruth Callaghan suggested 2019 could become the year of “guilt by association” as public figures had their historical online footprints raked over like never before. Right on cue, five Federal Election candidates quit in a week – based principally on their historical misuse of or misadventures on social media.

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