Parties surprise with policy detail on social media

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Ruth Callaghan 7 Feb 2017
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You’ve followed every election announcement and scrutinised every promise made – but just how well do you really know the policies?

An analysis of candidate statements and policies proposed by a range of minor parties contesting the Western Australian election reveals a diverse and colourful grab bag of positions.

And pinning the policy to the party is often more difficult than you might think

Cannings Purple Senior Media Strategist, Ruth Callaghan, said some of the minor parties were expanding policy platforms in a bid to target specific voting blocks which were identifiable and active on Facebook.

“The jostling for first preferences is resulting in minor parties actively pursuing one another’s base,” she said.

“The lines are blurred very quickly on social media channels, leaving voters with many choices. A good example is the heavy promotion this week of an environmental video by Western Australian author Tim Winton that was being reposted and promoted not by the Greens but by One Nation.”



Ms Callaghan said the smaller parties are walking a fine line between engaging with every potential voter and being too undisciplined.

“Some candidates are being a little loose and easy with their Facebook interactions, engaging with trolls,” she said.

“That is fine if you can shut down the conversation or redirect it but it can be enormously time consuming and messy for very little reward.”

Cannings Purple Pin the Policy on the Party Quiz tests your knowledge of the minor parties’ positions on a range of issues:

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