Perth’s Infrastructure Boom

Siobhan Poupard 21 Apr 2021
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A $27 billion pipeline of transport infrastructure projects are scheduled for delivery over the next four years as part of Western Australia’s Recovery PlanThis will continue the significant roadbuilding program currently underway, with more than $5 billion spent on roads by the McGowan administration during its first term.

As WA leads the country’s pandemic recovery, this significant government investment is expected to support the rapid growth trend creating job opportunities and increasing the State’s already strong footprint in road, rail, capital works, repair and maintenance. 

Perth’s population growth

The significant investment follows the infrastructure boom in the Eastern States over the last decade which has improved transport safety and accessibility for Australia’s most populated states.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics data for 2019-20, shows Perth’s population grew 1.8%, the second-fastest growing city behind Adelaide. 

The strength of WA’s economy shows no sign of slowing with the population growth trend expected to continue over the next decade. State and federal government building incentives announced in 2020, have sparked a dramatic increase in demand for new homes as Perth’s property market continues to achieve historically high prices and rapid sale times

The current infrastructure projects will future-proof WA’s road and rail network to cater for the States unprecedented population growth.

Road users and the community 

These essential projects will assist in easing congestion, improving connectivity and providing a safer journey. However, during the construction and delivery stage, it can be difficult for impacted road users and nearby residents to share this excitement about futureproofing our road and rail network with common impacts such as loud noise, dust and vibration disrupting day-to-day activities. 

Stakeholders have varying levels of interests in the projects and can sometimes pose constraints. Growing stakeholder understanding of an infrastructure project is a huge opportunity to increase knowledge, feedback and engagement, but it can also lead to project owners being better informed and help them mitigate future issues. Stakeholder relations is reliant on early and continuous communication, reliable information, and a degree of transparency.

Our Stakeholder Engagement team can assist in identifying, building and strengthening these relationships to achieve a successful outcome for all involved.

Skilled professionals 

The Cannings Purple Stakeholder Engagement team brings value and proven success for infrastructure projects and their stakeholders. The more regularly your stakeholders are actively engaged and informed throughout the project, the better overall outcome for the project and the community. 

Start a conversation with our Stakeholder Engagement team, experienced in infrastructure design, delivery and construction.


Siobhan is a Senior Consultant in Cannings Purple’s Stakeholder Engagement team and has worked within communications, public relations and event management roles for government, private and non-for-profit in Victoria and Western Australia.

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