Purple Conversations: Brigitte Colbert

Cannings Purple

Cannings Purple 24 May 2021
< 1 min

Brigitte, Cannings Purple’s Investor Relations Associate Consultant, takes a break to tell us who she is when she’s not working.

In our ‘Purple Conversations’ series, you’ll find out about the Cannings Purple team – what led them to their careers; what they do in their spare time and even what they’re currently watching on Netflix.

Meet Brigitte

Coming to the role with a double degree in Professional Writing and Editing/Accounting, and a background in Geology and Earth Science, Brigitte has experience writing for the resource and financial sectors, as well as an extensive background working with local small business on market research, digital content creation and social media management. From this, Brigitte has developed an adaptable and diverse set of skills to help provide the best outcomes for clients, regardless of size.

In her own time, Brigitte is an avid traveller and bookworm. If she’s not planning her next adventure, you’ll find her cuddled up with a good book.

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