Purple Conversations: Glenn Langridge

Cannings Purple

Cannings Purple 17 Dec 2020
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In between helping clients achieve their digital goals, Cannings Purple’s Head of Digital, Glenn Langridge takes a break to tell us who he is when he’s not working.

In our ‘Purple Conversations’ series, you’ll find out about the Cannings Purple team – what led them to their careers; what they do in their spare time and even what they’re currently watching on Netflix.

Meet Head of Digital, Glenn Langridge

Glenn is involved with all aspects of digital strategy and campaigning, helping clients achieve their goals through smart use of social media, digital tools, and the latest platforms.

Prior to joining Cannings Purple he ran digital marketing at another national agency, and brings a level of strategic and technical understanding to all parts of the Cannings Purple business. Glenn has developed a comprehensive understanding of digital platforms and tools which he uses to set and deliver integrated digital strategies.

Unplugged, Glenn is a hoarder of red wine, an average cricket player and can bust out some mean latte art on his coffee machine.


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