Headquartered in Perth, Australia’s mining and energy capital, the Cannings Purple expert team works with some of Australia’s best-known companies. With a seasoned multidisciplinary team we provide strategic advice and support across all external affairs and communications functions relevant to resources and energy companies.

Investor Relations

Our Investor Relations team members are experts in understanding, distilling, and leveraging resources stories for shareholders and investors.

With our sector knowledge, we recognise compelling value and are experts at communicating it to investors and the media.

It’s no surprise that Cannings Purple is the first stop for resources and energy companies of all sizes seeking expert advice including:

Media and Communications

Our Corporate Affairs team has decades of shared experience working with resources and energy companies.

We can deliver

  • Effective communications strategies to achieve your goals such as our award-winning Heart of Gold campaign with the Gold Royalty Response Group.
  • Media support including drafting compelling messages and statements, or full media management.
  • Media and presentation training to ensure your team members communicate effectively on camera, and put their best foot forward in presentations.
  • Internal communications planning and delivery to help you effectively communicate change and build employee engagement.

Stakeholder and Indigenous Engagement

Our Stakeholder Engagement team is experienced in working with companies and communities to find the win-win outcome that will see you succeed. We understand that building trust with your stakeholders and highlighting the social value of your project is critical to building your social licence.

Government Relations

We know that a good relationship with governments is critical for successful resource projects in Australia and around the world. Our Government Relations team members are experts at navigating the political landscape and finding your path through approvals processes. Cannings Purple consultants are registered lobbyists across relevant Australian jurisdictions.