The Bench: The Hon. Peter Tinley AM MLA

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Cannings Purple 17 Apr 2018
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From front bench to park bench, party rooms to the great outdoors, The Bench sees our politicians take a break from debating policy and the state of our nation to enjoy a park-side chat with senior journalist turned Cannings Purple operative, Peter Klinger.
These interviews add a breath of fresh air to all things politics, providing a unique insight into the life and times of our elected representatives.
With discussion topics ranging from electorate issues to sport and everything in between, The Bench undoubtedly presents a candid, lighthearted series bound to intrigue, inform and entertain.


Early Life

The Hon. Peter Tinley AM MLA discusses his colourful start to life and how the decision was made to join the Army.


The Hon. Peter Tinley AM MLA talks about his decision to join the army and ultimately the SAS. We also get a rare insight into his role in planning the Gulf War, and why in the end, he decided to speak out against the war.

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The Hon. Peter Tinley AM MLA talks us through how he transitioned from life in the Army, into the private sector, and then into the political arena.

The Election

Time in opposition is never wasted, says the Hon. Peter Tinley AM MLA, but was he ready for life in government?

Word Association

In a quick fire 60 seconds, the Hon. Peter Tinley AM MLA responds with the first word that comes into his head.

Full Interview

From rough schoolyards to war in Afghanistan, the Hon. Peter Tinley AM MLA lived a broad and engaging life prior to entering politics and is excited about what the future may bring.

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