Media Intelligence

Media intelligence has evolved. What was once a literal scrapbook of newspaper clippings now needs to capture mentions of your brand, your people, the sentiment and the trends across traditional, broadcast, digital and social channels.



Director Design & Digital

Understanding how the world, the market and your stakeholders see your organisation is important. Whereas once that could broadly be ascertained by monitoring what was said in the newspapers, the liberation of digital platforms means anyone with a phone or an internet connection can have their say, and have an impact, on the public’s perception of your people and operations.

On one level, media intelligence can capture that data from across the media landscape. Traditional platforms like TV, radio, newspapers and magazines do still have an influence in how many millions of people see the world, but YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and chatrooms do a phenomenal job of bringing likeminded people together and empowering them to discuss, share and take a position on what you are doing.

Cannings Purple’s Media Intelligence White Paper explains the nature of media intelligence, why it’s so important for a modern organisation to employ it, where you can start and how you can use the data it reveals to inform your communications plans.

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