Social Media Crisis Prevention

A crisis may not start on social media, but that’s where public commentary about it will build. Understanding how to use social channels to manage an issue is a critical modern communications function.



Director Design & Digital

The threat of a social media crisis is a very real concern for many businesses. In the age of the citizen journalist, where anyone with a phone has a potential global audience of millions, an ill-judged post, a customer complaint, or a hijacked hashtag travels faster and further than ever before.

There is no failsafe to entirely eliminate the chance of a social media crisis occurring. But by putting in place some basic safeguards and planning, it is possible to minimise the impact. It is possible to enhance the ability to respond and adapt. We can limit the damage if a social media crisis does occur.

Cannings Purple’s Social Media Crisis Whitepaper takes a look at the kinds of crisis that often happen thanks to social media, reviews notable case studies, and reveals how businesses can start preparing to respond in the event of a crisis.

Access our leading digital knowledge, and real-world experience of social media crises, to understand how best to manage an online issue if, or rather when, it arises.

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