Working towards a more inclusive economy


Cannings Purple 18 Mar 2021
3 mins

Cannings Purple has a history of working with Aboriginal-owned and operated organisations.

Our team believes in supporting the development of an inclusive economy which offers new opportunities to indigenous and non-indigenous businesses alike. We are proud of the projects which have involved collaboration with the traditional owners of the Perth region, the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation.

Matagarup Bridge

Our Stakeholder and Community Engagement team provided support for the delivery of the Matagarup Bridge. The size and scale of the project made it a rewarding one for the team, but the focus on meaningful engagement with Noongar representatives was a true highlight.

The power of collaboration

We delivered a combination of bespoke and detailed engagement through face-to-face consultation and negotiation with the Whadjuk Working Party, local resident groups, local governments, regulators, neighbouring enterprises, institutions and special interest groups.

We coordinated and delivered tailored management packages to assist commercial operators affected by the river closure, which included establishing alternative points of business and coordinating services to facilitate ongoing operations.

We encouraged community interest in the opening by generating excitement and participation in the testing events, coordinating “first walk” events and then recruiting State Emergency Service WA volunteers for the specialist component of testing.

The consultation and engagement program for Matagarup Bridge was highly commended in the Construction category at the IAP2 Core Values Awards in Sydney in 2019.

Cole Supplies

Starting and shaping the conversations that matter is at the heart of everything we do, so we jumped at the chance to support Gordon Cole’s business, Cole Supplies, by providing full-service digital marketing services. Mr Cole and his business partner, Michael Cima saw the opportunity to further their business diversification away from workwear on to a more rounded strategic sourcing company.

Supply Nation-certified business

Cole Supplies is a Supply Nation-certified business, meaning it is a part of Australia’s largest national database of verified Indigenous businesses. Supply Nation was established to encourage diversifying supply chains with a view to facilitating growth, sustainability and prosperity for Australia’s emerging and rapidly evolving Indigenous business sector.

New e-commerce website

The first step in the journey was to honour the new brand positioning on a new and highly functional ecommerce website.

The digital marketing efforts and website optimisation involved the advanced customisation of products, including combinations of size, colour, safety features, categories, minimum order and order size depending on pricing and calculated shipping.

Cannings Purple developed and customised the web design for Cole Supplies and advanced other website optimisation elements, including on-page SEO, website copy, imagery and overall function and usability.

Start and shape conversations that matter

The Matagarup Bridge and Cole Supplies exemplify Cannings Purple’s desire to use our people’s wide array of expertise to start and shape conversations that matter and to proactively support a more inclusive economy and society. Our society and our economy will flourish with greater inclusivity and collaboration, which is why we’re always looking for opportunities to engage with Aboriginal businesses or encourage our clients to actively consult with Traditional Owners.

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