World Homeless Day: a conversation that matters

Cannings Purple 8 Oct 2020
2 mins
#NoHomeAddress campaign for World Homeless Day

If the events of 2020 have taught us anything, it’s how important it is to have a home to keep us safe. The uncertainties of our health, employment and financial security has threatened all of us during COVID-19 but many of us are aware we will collectively get through this and continue on with our lives.

Unfortunately, these uncertainties are the norm for over 44,000 young Australians without a home and we’re looking to change that.

On this year’s World Homeless Day, Cannings Purple, along with other well-known Australian organisations, have partnered with Whitelion to support the #NoHomeAddress campaign.

Whitelion is a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in removing Australians from dangerous and unstable home situations, helping to establish a “fixed address” to get them workplace ready. Whitelion has the longstanding vision that every young person deserves an equal opportunity to thrive.

Without the stable base of a home, potential employees have no internet connection to receive employment offers, no access to a bank account for payments and have nowhere to perform daily necessities required for a job like dress, shower and sleep.

Whitelion’s CEO, Hang Vo, told us “this year has presented challenges we have never experienced before and has shown how important it is to have a place to call home and an opportunity to work.”

Young Australians need our help more than ever as the pandemic has worsened the homelessness scope in Australia. Schools and organisations that have often supported homeless youths have shut their doors, rental and mortgage stress is at an all-time high and domestic violence figures have seen an increase.

Every $2,500 raised will provide young Australians at risk with support from Whitelion youth workers. Donations up to $250,000 made via #NoHomeAddress on World Homeless Day will be doubled by Whitelion ‘Matchers’, the organisation’s corporate partners, to make twice the impact and help twice as many at-risk youths.

Join Cannings Purple and Whitelion this World Homeless Day. When you give to Whitelion, you’re investing in a better, brighter future of young Australians in need. In a few clicks, you can help change the lives of thousands.

Learn more at: Whitelion webpage