The Bench: Zak Kirkup MLA for Dawesville

Cannings Purple 8 Feb 2018
< 1 min

From front bench to park bench, party rooms to the great outdoors, The Bench sees our politicians take a break from debating policy and the state of our nation to enjoy a park-side chat with senior journalist turned Cannings Purple operative, Peter Klinger.

These interviews add a breath of fresh air to all things politics, providing a unique insight into the life and times of our elected representatives.

With discussion topics ranging from electorate issues to sport and everything in between, The Bench undoubtedly presents a candid, lighthearted series bound to intrigue, inform and entertain.

The Bench: Zak Kirkup MLA Dawesville

The Bench: Zak Kirkup MLA Dawesville

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Who is Zak Kirkup?

Zak gives us a bit of an insight into why he entered politics and what he hoped to achieve on his political journey.

Jobs, he’s had a few

From stacking shelves to concrete labourer, Zak talks about the previous jobs he had before embarking on the long journey to parliament.

Ambitions for the future

Zak discusses what he hopes to achieve in the political arena and what he’d like to be remembered for.

Some personal insights

Zak shares some personal insight into what makes him tick outside of the political arena. From running to woodwork he’s got a few surprises up his sleeve.

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